Special Needs

Science is FUN for Everyone!

Science Made Fun programs provide learner-centered instruction. Many students excel in hands-on classroom environments; and this is especially true for children with special needs.

Science Made Fun programs incorporate needed supports for children with special needs, including:
- Regular movement
- Shorter class times
- Smaller classes
- Respectful science instructors who foster an understanding and safe environment
- Flexible teaching styles that are adaptable to student learning styles

Science Made Fun instructors know that students with special needs have the ability to learn and create an environment in which learning can take place. Our programs build on student’s strengths and interests while providing opportunities for success. We incorporate technology tools where applicable and focus on creative problem-solving and student collaboration.

Our unique programs allow students, regardless of ability, access to real-life learning experiences with the goal of preparing them for a future where science is present in every aspect of daily life.

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

Bring Science to Life for Your Exceptional Students!

Sample programs include:
Magnets ©
Discover the properties of magnetism. Have FUN as we uncover all the “attractive” facts. Make your very own electromagnet and much more!

Wacky Water ©
Discover how cool water really is. Make water and alcohol have a tug of war with food coloring molecules! Stab a pencil through a plastic bag and not spill a drop!

Jurassic Jr. ©
Step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist and discover real fossils. Uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs. Make your very own fossil to keep.

Homemade Fun ©
Discover the many different types of shelters. Build your very own igloo and bird nest! Learn about caves as we make our very own stalagmites.

Cosmic Capers ©
Travel through space as we explore our solar system. Discover how cool the sun really is. Have a real impact, as we become crater makers. Learn about our planets, the moon, eclipses and much more.

Additional programs and themes are available.
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Science Programs for Kids


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