Fun Science Experiments

Click on the following links to view fun, hands-on science experiments.

All Thumbs (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Apple Oxidation (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Aurora Borealis Painting © (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Basketball STEM Activity (Lesson Plan)
Bee Pollination Game (Lesson Plan)
Bionic Biogas (Lesson Plan)
Biofuels Bottle (Lesson Plan)
Bird Migration & Observation (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Bubble Atmosphere (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Bug Bot (Lesson Plan)
Bugs of Summer (Lesson Plan)
Catching Insects (Lesson Plan)
Chromatography Flowers (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Compost in a Cup (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Crater Makers (Lesson Plan)
Density Bottle (Lesson Plan)
Edible Hibernation Den (Lesson Plan)
Einstein's Theory! (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Exploding Colors (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Fingerprinting (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Fungi Prints (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Germ Game (Lesson Plan)
Gingerbread House Engineer (Lesson Plan)
Gummy Candies Recipe (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Harmonica (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Hologram (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Home Made Compass (Lesson Plan)
Ice Cream Recipe (Lesson Plan)
Ice Cube Fishing (Lesson Plan)
Lava Lamp – Alka Seltzer® (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Lava Lamp – Baking Soda (Lesson Plan)
Let's Make Oobleck! (Video)
Light Stick Chemiluminescence (Lesson Plan)
Lunar Olympics (Lesson Plan)
Magic Light Box (Lesson Plan)
Make a Coral Reef (Lesson Plan)
Make a Fossil (Lesson Plan)
Make a Spider Web (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Make a Sundial (Lesson Plan)
Maple Syrup Candy (Lesson Plan)
Marble Rollercoaster (Lesson Plan)
Nutty Nutrients – Fat Testers (Lesson Plan)
OREO Phases of the Moon - Equinox (Lesson Plan)
Paper Helicopter (Lesson Plan)
Play Dough (Lesson Plan)
Power of Cereal (Lesson Plan)
Power of the Pulse (Lesson Plan)
Pulley Power (Lesson Plan)
Pumpkin Putty (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Right vs. Left Sided (Lesson Plan)
Roaring Cup (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Salty Snowflakes! (Lesson Plan)
Scavenger Hunt Binoculars (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Simple Machines (Lesson Plan)
Slushy Science (Lesson Plan)
Smarty Plants (Lesson Plan)
Solar Oven S'Mores (Lesson Plan)
Stress Ball (Lesson Plan)
Space Mud Recipe (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Sugar Cube Igloo (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Super Science Bubbles (Lesson Plan) (Video)
Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon (Lesson Plan)
Vision & Perception Games (Lesson Plan)
Volcano Recipe (Lesson Plan)
Water Aquifer (Lesson Plan)

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