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Science Made Fun is one of the best educational franchise opportunities available today. We are the top science education franchise serving over 16 million children annually with a simple home-based business model. Our hands-on programs excite children by engaging them in an amazing world of science and nature through in-school workshops, preschool programs, after-school events, summer camps and birthday parties. We provide fun, yet educational business opportunities that make a BIG impact with the kids in your community!



Our mission is to expose children, at an early age, to the amazing world of science and nature by providing innovative, educational, hands-on programs that are presented in a fun manner, that nurture budding young minds and stimulate both imagination and curiosity.


• Grow a profitable children's franchise
• Start with a 25-year reputation
• Educational credibility
• Unlimited Corporate support
• Internet presence — websites, social media, and blog
• Corporate partnerships — to further increase brand visibility
• Continuous Cash Flow
• Fun Science Experiments


Science Made Fun is a brand with global exposure and appeal; a dependable, rewarding and profitable home-based franchise opportunity. Our franchisees provide a variety of fun, entertaining and educational science experiences to children in schools, preschools, camps, libraries, community centers, and private homes; ultimately, wherever children are found in their communities. These highly sought-after innovative and engaging educational programs are easy to deliver.

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Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

Your Support Team is with you every step of the way!


Our curriculum contains over 200 science programs. Our catchy program names and engaging experiments keep kids coming back for more.

School administrators enjoy our science experiments because they both entertain as well as align with their education goals. Science Made Fun programs address the needs of each student. Our programs are centered on skill level, and the individual experience of each participant.

• Are aligned with national and state science curriculum standards
• Enhance student performance and increase confidence on standardized tests
• Are infused with new content developed and implemented annually
• Are protected by copyright in the United States Library of Congress

Program content spans across all areas of the science curriculum including: earth science, physical science, life science, environmental science and more. Although each program is designed for a specific grade, all programs are easily modified to meet the needs of varying grades and levels of student sophistication.




We provide a customized Strategic Marketing Plan developed exclusively for your territory. It is the business intelligence you need to start and maintain a successful franchise. The marketing plan includes email marketing techniques, and internet marketing techniques. We show you how to conduct a successful marketing campaign,Sales Training develop brand awareness in your neighborhood and community, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

We have customized marketing materials available for print promotions, public relations, online marketing, direct mail, email campaigns and grassroots initiatives. We are constantly creating new and innovative marketing materials to assist you, the entrepreneur, in the continued growth of your business.


We host branded websites for all of our franchise locations, using a unique domain naming system to identify each territory. All of our websites include exciting features like social network share buttons, self-select photo images, document uploads and much more! You will receive a unique password in order to access and edit your individual website anytime, day or night!

Here are a few examples of the technology resources we provide:
• Monthly releases of branded E-News templates and updated content
• Content Management System (CMS) enabling you to easily update your web site and optimize it for search engines
• New web site features providing broader reach and up-to-date graphics
• Downloads of branded marketing resources that you can tailor to your franchise
• 24/7 web based supply ordering of Science Made Fun branded materials
•Classroom companion kids' site with fun science activities



In order for new franchises to be properly prepared, Science Made Fun has a dedicated training and development program.

Franchise Training Includes:

• Five days at Corporate Office in Asheville, NC
• Individualized Business Plan
• Customized Marketing Plan
• Program Observation and Instruction
• In-depth review of supplies & approved suppliers
• Exploration of on-line resources for website management, marketing material production, business proposal development, social media setup and more

Staff Training:

Once you are ready to expand your operation to include a staff of scientists, you can rely on our training resources to ensure your team is prepared and delivers exceptional workshops. Our staff training resources include:
• Access to all training videos
• Access to all program lesson plans, handouts, photo images, and more

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Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

Franchise Opportunities in Nigeria


Are you ready to introduce our successful franchise concept to your country?

The journey to becoming a Science Made Fun franchisee is personal, financial, emotional, and will include the support of family & friends. It also involves the ability to adapt the business to meet the needs and interests of your local culture.

Whether it is a home-based business, a business for sale, or a franchise you are considering, Science Made Fun is the right choice. We make purchasing our international franchise simple and easy. The overall cost of our home-based educational business is very reasonable and is an exceptional value. Our franchise agreements create a true partnership and a win-win relationship.



Start your journey by completing our secure online application. Territories are selling quickly!


For more information, contact our office at +1.828.684.3192 or email

Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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